AZ Research will now also provide to their clients a unique service of conceptualizing and designing of Brand identity elements. Continuous feedback from the consumer interaction on various forums and the new online consumer panel gives us a cutting edge to raise  early warning signals for clients in case there is any brand identity crisis brewing in the market place. In such scenarios, we would use Brand LeQ, our model to assess Brand Loyalty & Emotion Quotient. This tools helps us assess 3 aspects about brand identity mix:-


  •         What is the overall level loyalty (driven by empathy or aspiration or both) that the brand enjoys with the consumer – thus highlight the need to review elements

  •         How are each of the identity elements (logo, tagline, colours, packaging) contributing to this – thus highlight which element /s need a review

  •         Arrive upon codes which the brand identity elements need to convey to maximize the brand equity. We use semiotic decoding of category as it operates in today’s             context for this – and therefrom, highlight the direction in which elements need to be changed


Thus, Brand LeQ helps us in ascertaining the need for change and also developing the Blue Print for change.


Post this, we use our on-board designers to develop options for the brand mix elements being reviewed. All the options developed are researched for consumer feedback before being presented to the client. Thus, the first set of options presented by us are also cleared basis consumer feedback.


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