Expert research involves interviewing experts across variety of categories and fields. The range of categories could be diverse and study of the category needs to be comprehensive. Key output that expert research is expected to deliver is a complete mapping of the category in terms of all its relevant dimensions. Areas of information which need to be covered with expert interviews could be :-

        Understanding the current market dynamics
        Mapping the operating channels and their relationships
        An assessment of current players and their SWOT analysis
        Mapping reactions to hypothetical scenarios

To ensure a comprehensive coverage of categories though expert interviews, we have a team that of researchers and moderators who are trained enough to take on expert research in diverse categories. Categories in which we have expertise and can cover them comprehensively are listed herewith:-

        Energy / energy saving
        Pharmaceutical industry
        Aviation industry
        Telecom industry
        IT industry
        Real estate

AZR presents capability and expertise to cover these industries and can also develop expertise for new categories if need arises.

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We broadly look at consumer segments as given below. Please click on the specific segment to see our approach towards the segment.