Hybrid methodology is a research methodology which does not fit into traditional definitions of quantitative or qualitative research. Though mistakenly referred to sometimes, it is also not combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Hybrid methodology is research methodology that makes the best of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. When information requirement for the research necessitates an instrument which cannot be simplified for quantitative however, large sample sizes are required, we use hybrid research methodologies. In this approach, we make semi structured questionnaires, which are administered by researchers. This gives both the requisite qualitative feel to data with large enough sample sizes for robustness.

We at AZ Research Partners have used this methodology very effectively for complicated segmentation exercises. In this case, the researcher who interacts with the respondent is trained to understand the respondent and classify him into pre-defined segments. This variable is then used for segmenting the target audience.

Data collected is in qualitatively format but in large sample sizes. The data collected is then transformed into quantitative format for quantification and is also analysed qualitatively. This makes it quite difficult in terms of logistics, both in terms of time and cost. Therefore, Hybrid methodology of research is used very selectively, only when the research objective really necessitates it. It is used mostly when research need is unconventional and traditional methodologies are ill equipped to address the need.

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