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We invite you to sign up to be part of AZ Research online survey panel.

We often receive requests from our clients to conduct online surveys to quickly gain opinion about their product / services. Sometimes the online survey could also be to understand perceptions of participants towards a specific brand. By joining our panel you can be part of our online survey panel and would be invited to give your opinion and feedback to various products / services / communication. Your feedback would be used only for analysis purposes and your name or personal details will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any client / third party.

Since the selection criteria for each survey differs, we would need you to fill in the below information if you wish to join our online panel. After you have registered using the below form, you may be called upon from time to time to participate in an online survey. Most often we will contact you through email id to invite you to participate in the survey. Sometimes a short "screener" questionnaire will be involved. By viewing the results of the screener, we then invite people to take the final survey.

Most of our surveys take less than fifteen minutes to complete.

You can win incentives (cash, gift vouchers etc.) by participating in our surveys. Depending on the length or time duration of the survey you have participated in, points will be accrued to your accounted. Post reaching a minimum number of points the same can be redeemed for cash / gift vouchers.

Please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS unless you wish to be invited by email to participate in online surveys. By completing the information below and indicating your consent, you are agreeing to let us send email to you for occasional survey invitations.

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