Kids are a very important segment- not only as consumers but more as influencers. Kids research is therefore becoming very critical for various product categories and clients.


Kids research very atypical in nature. What differentiates kids as a respondent segment from adults are multiple as listed below


 Their attention span is very short – not more than 15 minutes. And in that span also they respond to     any questioning only if it involves them
  If they are bored and disinterested, they make it amply clear and do not participate in the process at all
  They are usually strongly driven by common sense and respond to direct questioning. Making any projective     techniques work with them is difficult and delivers only if the technique is specifically developed with kids in     perspective.

AZ Research Partners team has experience and expertise in conducting kids research of various genres. We have developed techniques and tools to interact with kids in a manner that collects invaluable information, yet involves them like their favourite games do. This necessitates not only an instrument which is developed with kids in perspective but also a moderator who knows how to strike a chord with them.

We conduct focus groups, triads, one on one interviews, parent-kid interviews with kids for a variety of research needs. Apart from these routine methodologies, we have also used diaries with kids, which are interactive diaries for collecting information from them on a wide range of topics.

Kids research is done primarily for developing or evaluating communication, promotional ideas and products targeted at kids. Exploratory research can also be done with kids to assess current themes favourites with them or even catch upcoming trends when still in their nascency.

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