Category mapping exercises are broad based studies which use primary research, market intelligence services and desk research as inputs. These involve a comprehensive coverage of the industry. Outputs from such exercises are comprehensive category reports, which include category size, structure & protocols and in that context provide best practices benchmarking. Details that such reports would cover are as listed herewith:-

Market overview
        Sizing – value / volume / customer base
        Construct by product types, etc
        Market trends
        Expected trends
        Regional contribution to the category volumes

        Trade policies, discount structures and credit policies
        Trade promotions, schemes etc
        Pricing – retail price and operating price in the category
        How are exclusive outlets positioning their brands and models

Competition – for benchmarking purposes
        Value / volume trends for players
        Brand communication and its evolution
        Their assessment of market trends
        Their expectations in the market
        Their portfolio strategy

        Their expectations in the category
        Their experiences of services / products delivered by competition and trade
        Their brand preferences
        Their price sensitivity
        Need gap analysis
        Brand positioning mapping – positioning of brands and their variants, media used, communication done on respective media, key message conveyed and taken out

           by the target audience

For category mapping exercises also, we use a combination of various methodology options. This could involve mystery customer exercises, expert interviews, primary consumer and trade research and or desk research. Our cross category experience gives us adequate platform for basic understanding of any category and we build on it with a wide variety of tools. Beyond standard data collection techniques, this could also involve mystery customer exercises, market visits, trade interviews and expert interviews. In these exercises, researchers usually visit markets, observe, participate in the purchase process and assess the purchase dynamics that seems to be operating in the market.

AZR brings in expertise in overall mapping the market. Therefore for brands / corporates entering the market, we provide consultancy to aid them in developing strategy for the entering / entrenching their presence in the market. We also work with entrenched brands in providing them comprehensive information on the slice of market that they wish a deeper look of.


We have experience of market mapping & consultancy services in these industries:



        FMCG categories







        Real estate


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