Sujay Misra

Sujay Misra is the Managing Director of AZ Research Partners. His experience in Market Research and Marketing Consultancy spans over two decades. He has years of experience across research agencies like IMRB, ORGMARG and Blackstone. His experience in research pans across methodology types, product categories, types of respondents etc. His expertise in research lies in looking beyond the ordinary in the data to understand the patterns in the subconscious of the Target Audience. He has also developed many projective techniques for scenarios where routine research techniques do not work. Over the last few years, he has also worked as an independent brand consultant for many brands in the FMCG and durables sectors.


Inu Machfud R

Inu Machfud R, a Marketing post graduate from Prasetiya Mulya Business School, comes with 11 years of experience in a wide array of functions and sectors. He started off his career as an Assistant Lecturer in Industrial Sociology and Social Movement at Universitas Indonesia (1999 – 2000). Inu began his research career as Pacific Rekan Prima Research Consultant and has since worked in this field. He is a Research advisor on PPSDM human resource and is also a psychology consultant. He is also a columnist on “Marketing Strategy” on the web Inu Machfud now heads research at BMI Research and is Member of BMI Consulting Group, Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur.


Abhijit Mazumdar

Abhijit Mazumdar is a post Graduate in Business management with over 34 years of experience with Multinational Corporations, the last 20 years being with the Tata Group. He has held several senior management positions, the last as Director marketing on the board of Tata Tea Ltd. He has wide experience in marketing across different Geographies both in Indian and international markets. He led the effort of launching the company’s Flagship “Tata Tea” brand in the country in 1986 and established it as the number one brand against stiff international competition within a short span of 10 years. As a Director on the Board of AZ Research Partners. Mr. Mazumdar brings to the company his diverse functional experience across the disciplines of marketing, Strategic planning & Human Resources.


Naresh Gupta

Naresh Gupta started his career in SAMIR which is an independent Market Research division of Mudra Communications Ltd. one of the largest advertising agencies. In his career panning more than 2 decades he has worked across agencies in brand planning function. He is currently working as National Head Planning in Cheil India. He brings to AZR his decades of brand planning experience.

Shubhra Misra


Shubhra Misra is a Director at AZ Research partners. She graduated from IIM Lucknow in 1995. She has worked across companies like Titan Industries Limited, Duncan Industries Limited, Tata Tea Limited and also in research agencies like ORG MARG and Blackstone. She brings a unique blend of research expertise and marketing acumen which sets her apart in the industry. She heads the pharmaceutical vertical at AZ Research Partners. Apart from pharma research, she also has expertise in handling research in sports entertainment and media preferences.

Cyriac Joseph

Cyriac Joseph is an alumnus of FMS Delhi and started his career in marketing at United Breweries. He later formed one of the most successful companies in retail, called Retail Management consultancy. Post his stints in Gillette, Pepsi and TATA Tea, he moved to the social sector and has had long stints in CRY and Green Peace. With an eclectic experience combining both corporate and social sectors , Cyriac brings a unique expertise to the board of AZ Research Partners. His understanding of the finer nuances of the social sector gives AZ Research Partners a vision and perspective to offer innovative solutions in the sector.

Maria Azlan

Maria Azlan is the chief executive office at BMI Consulting Group, Malaysia. BMI Consulting Group provides comprehensive marketing and communication research for brands. BMI Research prides itself on employing creative and versatile approaches as essential tools for producing quality results. She is passionate about all consumer research and specifically communication research. She brings in an experience of handling brand communication research across countries, including in India. As a director at AZ Research Partners, she brings in a multinational perspective and a fresh approach to research.