Sujay Misra

Sujay Misra is the Managing Director of AZ Research Partners. His experience in Market Research and Marketing Consultancy spans over two decades. He has years of experience across research agencies like IMRB, ORGMARG and Blackstone. His experience in research pans across methodology types, product categories, types of respondents etc. His expertise in research lies in looking beyond the ordinary in the data to understand the patterns in the subconscious of the Target Audience. He has also developed many projective techniques for scenarios where routine research techniques do not work. Over the last few years, he has also worked as an independent brand consultant for many brands in the FMCG and durables sectors.


Shubhra Misra


Shubhra Misra is a Director at AZ Research partners. She graduated from IIM Lucknow in 1995. She has worked across companies like Titan Industries Limited, Duncan Industries Limited, Tata Tea Limited and also in research agencies like ORG MARG and Blackstone. She brings a unique blend of research expertise and marketing acumen which sets her apart in the industry. She heads the pharmaceutical vertical at AZ Research Partners. Apart from pharma research, she also has expertise in handling research in sports entertainment and media preferences.


Aruna Priyadarshini, CEO

Aruna Priyadarshini a management post graduate from ICFAI, has been a qualitative researcher all through her career. She has handled research projects across categories and target segments. She has moderated over 500 focus groups and many more in-depth interviews. She currently heads qualitative research for AZQL ie., qualitative division of AZ Research Partners. She is based out of Mumbai but oversees all qualitative research projects across branches.

Prabhakar Pillai, CFO

Prabhakar Pillai is the Chief Financial Officer of AZ research Partners. He has done his post graduation in HR and also has a diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial relations. He has about 20 years of experience across research agencies and other companies. He has worked across companies like FAG Precision Bearings Ltd., the second largest bearing manufacturers in India and Blackstone Marketfacts / Synovate India.

Nitin Salvi, Director, Field operations

Nitin Salvi is a chemical engineer by education who veered into the field of market research operations and has has stayed back since. With over two decades of experience of handling field operations across agencies like Blackstone Market Facts , ORG-MARG and MODE,he oversees all field operations for AZ Research Partners. He also plays in a critical role at the planning stage and often at proposal development stage on all critical or unusual research requirements from clients..