Pet research is amongst the most atypical research type. This is so for the simple reason that the respondent for this research type is not tuned to communicate with human beings.

However, with proper care and sensitivities, we can conduct research with pets like dogs and cats for pet food appeal. With proper techniques for presenting food and measuring quantity eaten, and calibrating it over time, it is possible to conduct monadic product feedback, prototype monadic feedback and even direct preference or triangulation preference tests.

Usually in pet research, it is also possible that pet feedback is supported by an interview with the owner. The owner also understands cues which a pet might communicate regarding the product option. Taking this into consideration, alongwith the data about quantity of food consumed by the pet, gives a comprehensive feedback on products tested with this audience.

AZR team has experience and expertise to conduct pet research both in terms of logistics of collecting data and analysing and interpreting results.

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