We, at AZ Research Partners recommend quantitative research only if we are sure that for the required research needs, the instrument can be developed such that it becomes completely self explanatory and does not lend itself to more than one clear interpretation. Therefore, if there is any one single question that is new, we pilot it with all possible sub-segments of the Target Audience before it is put into the research. In case, client’s need is for quantification of data, but we feel that the question cannot be expressed in a simple and easy enough manner, we propose a Hybrid methodology, developed specifically for sticky questions which need quantification.

We at AZ Research Partners handle quantitative research projects of all types and all methodologies as given below

House to house listings
In home use tests
Central Location Tests (CLTs)
Exit interviews in different types of venues like stadium / shop / malls / airports etc

Each of these are recommended after a considerable assessment of the methodology option on Efficacy and Logistical Viability. Apart from basic statistics, AZ Research Partners prides itself on being at the cutting edge of higher end multivariate analysis as detailed below


Segmentation – using clustering techniques
Factor analysis to assess broad factors operating in category
Conjoint analysis
Price Sensitivity Analysis
Projections using techniques like regression, time series etc
Significance testing of various types like t tests, z tests, F tests etc
Discriminant analysis

Key pillar of quantitative research is sampling. For each project, sampling methodology and sampling plan (PSUs, walk path, use of Kish grid) etc are designed carefully by a central field monitoring team. This central field monitoring team also monitors actual on field implementation of the sampling plan.

All data preparation is handled by our in house team. All data entry is done two times and then matched to clean any non logical data entry errors. Routine logical data checks are done before data preparation exercise is over. For all quantitative research projects handled by us, we retain physical copies of the questionnaires for at least six months for client’s perusal. Post that we do not retain the physical questionnaires. However, we always retain raw data and tabulated data for the client’s perusal even if required at a later date.


Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research
Hybrid Research
Online Research
Social Networking





   In house data preparation cell for all data & analysis


    Centralized cell - based out of Bangalore


    24/7 operation - 3 shifts of 8 hours each


    We use customized programs written by our               programmers


   Capability to do any kind of analysis on data set               of any size or complexity