With growth in metros and urban markets per se plateauing, marketeers are reaching out to smaller towns and rural consumers, who comprise more than 70% of the Indian consumer base. This has meant that marketing research also needs to reach out to rural consumers. Tools & techniques designed for the urban context doesn’t work in the rural settings. Right from sampling methodology, everything needs to be re-designed for rural context. The concept of PSU identification, RHR and household skipping patterns designed for urban representation cannot be used for a random rural representation. Therefore, we have evolved sampling methodologies for adequate rural representation.


Again the target audience needs to be handled very sensitively in rural settings. Usually the target audience there is not hard pressed for time and is willing to co-operate in the interaction process. However, what makes this segment challenging in research scenario is its sensitivities. The moderator handling the interaction process has to gain their confidence, be able to communicate in their language and establish the communication link.


With our cast experience of handling rural consumers and also having done extensive social research projects in rural context, we bring skills of handling both logistics and nuances required for dealing rural target audiences.





Key target audiences that we focus on are given below. Please click on the specific segment to see our approach towards the segment.