Social networking trend has taken the urban India by storm. The boom of social networking in the last few years is akin to mobile phone boom in urban Indian in the last decade of the twentieth century. Social networking addresses are as critical as having a cell phone number became in the previous decade. Social networking sites provide a ground a fertile ground for interaction with upper and middle income classes cutting across age and occupation segments. Using this ground for marketing research purposes is an upcoming trend. AZ Research Partners employs social networking for research purposes in a significant manner. 


While we do have our online panels, on social networking sites, we have a significant fan base with whom we can interact at any point of time. Handling online panels for research is little more time consuming but gives robust findings. Online panels provide a platform for quantitative research. Research on Social networking, on the other hand, provides a platform that is similar to qualitative research where free and informal discussions are held with the Target Audience. This provides an ideal ground for requirements which are exploratory like idea generation requirements. Information regarding our online panels is regularly posted at the social networking sites we are at. The significant advantage that research through social networking sites is that the respondent is ‘known’ – visiting his / her home page will give us abundant insights to the kind of person he or she is. Chances of mis-representing facts would be lesser as he or she interacts with their friends also through the same identity.   


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