Apart from consumer research and expert research, AZR also provides Trade research services. Trade research involves interviewing trade at multiple levels:-
        Employees at your / competition companies like Sales / branch manager

Objectives of covering trade could be multiple, like :-
        Assessing width and depth of distribution for brands
        Understanding brands being pushed
        Understanding motivations & barriers for pushing brands
        Assessing trade relations of different brands
        Assessing profile of customers visiting the retail point
        Trade satisfaction with specific companies

We cover trade with various research methodologies qualitative depth interviews, quantitative structured interviews, mystery customer visits, exit interviews with customers exiting.

AZR presents capability and expertise to cover trade research at all levels of trade across categories.

Contact us for Trade research. – contact@azresearch.in





Key target audiences that we focus on are given below. Please click on the specific segment to see our approach towards the segment.