Most of marketing research tools and instruments are developed keeping the typical urban consumer in perspective. That too mostly for the urban chief wage earner / housewife SEC A to C and mostly in the age band 20 to 50 years. This is definitely the most researched segment for most marketeers, both in FMCG and durables sectors for us also. All our models are primarily designed to address this segment more than any other.


However, keeping in line with our philosophy of having audience focus in all research, we keep in perspective the fact that there is no one segment of urban consumers. We keep in the mind that there are various shades consumers amongst this one whole lot. For instance, different tools and different skill sets are required to study the urban consumer belonging to SEC D/E. Similarly, very old and teenagers / adolescents need to be handled differently. We have developed specific tools / modify our standard tools / instruments to address each of these segments separately.


Most importantly, we are very sensitive about the fact that while the urban consumer is the most researched target audience but he is not all there is to research. Therefore, we do not try to fit other segments into models developed for this target audience.





Key target audiences that we focus on are given below. Please click on the specific segment to see our approach towards the segment.