All elements of brand / service mix can be covered in brand mix feedback research. A brief write up here details kind of work AZ Research Partners can undertake in this arena.


  • Product Test


Product testing is conducted either to decide between options available to the client or to benchmark vis-a-vis competition. This is conducted quantitatively though it could be supported with some depth interviews to assist in any further product development if required. This should ideally be done in both blind and branded formats blind format gives true product feedback while branded evaluation gives the impact of branding on the product. In some categories, presenting the blind product becomes very difficult as customers recognise the product. In these scenarios, it is important to blindfold the consumer when participating in the exercise.


Check Prod CAST in our products to read more about how we handle product tests.


  • Communication research


Post a television commercial / print advertising campaign has been developed, it can be pre-tested before the launch in a quantitative research design for deciding on media weights to be put behind it or arriving upon edit options. This is done with a quantitative methodology, post exposing the execution to the respondents in a real life clutter. This is followed by solus exposure of the execution to obtain diagnostic feedback . We follow this solus exposure with conflict groups comprising respondents who score on opposite ends on the likeability scale to magnify points of dissonance which is then given as inputs for fine tuning the execution.

AZ Research Partners has normatic data across categories on advertising performance across countries.

Check Prod CAST in our products to read more about how we handle product tests.


  • Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction studies assess how satisfied is the end customer with the service that he deals with. This is quite commonly done by service companies who provide direct service to end customers like banking, telecom, airlines etc. This is done using quantitative research methodology with a structured questionnaire. Ideally this should be done at regular time intervals so that steps can be taken to improve satisfaction and impact of these steps can be measured in subsequent tracks. Another variant of customer satisfaction is trade satisfaction which assesses how satisfied are various channel partners with the company they are dealing with. This could cover channel members ranging from distributors, wholesalers to retailers.

AZ Research Partners brings in experience of customer satisfaction and trade satisfaction across various categories across the region.


Check C SEAM in our products to read more about how we handle customer and trade satisfaction research.

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