• Brand health Research


Brand health studies are done to assess overall status of brands vis-a-vis competition either as a one time exercise or as a tracking exercise.

We consider Brand Health as a unified quantity that is net of brand strength and brand connect with the target audience. Brand strength is represented by dimensions covering brand salience and usage. Brand connect is captured through dimensions of brand positioning / imagery and brand disposition. This is done as a quantitative research methodology with structured questionnaires. Ideally this should be tracked on a regular basis quarterly. However, if marketing activity is limited and / or brands  in the category are not expected to evolve in short time frames the periodicity could be annual. brand health movements. Brand health exercise could also be done as a one time exercise to give spot feedback on brand health.

AZ Research Partners presents experience and capability to handle brand health studies across categories.


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  • Brand Equity Research

There can be multiple routes / ways & means of looking at brand equity. We endorse ‘Brand loyalty’ approach to assessing equity. Brand loyalty here refers to the ‘emotional commitment and relationship’ a customer has with a brand. This approach looks at equity as this ‘emotional commitment’ which it tries to assess and decode.

Thus, this research helps in developing a pathway for the brand being studied

  •         Where is the brand today

  •         Where can it go tomorrow

  •         Pathway for taking it there

This research is done qualitatively, ideally with Focus Group Discussions, and if required for logistical reasons, can be done with triads or in-depth interviews.

AZ Research Partners has expertise and experience to conduct brand equity researches across categories and has past case studies to benchmark findings from equity researches across the region.


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