Opinion polling covers an entire gamut of studies on which the entire universe is the target audience.

Typically the topics which lend themselves to these kind of studies are


  •         National issues

  •         Celebrities

  •         Environment


Major issue with opinion polling is with sampling plan and methodology. The sampling methodology for opinion polling needs to ensure that it can actually represent the entire public that it intends to represent. This necessitates very robust selection of research centres – across urban and rural representation and random sampling within selected research centres. Ideally, the sample plan should represent geographic zone and town class. Selection of respondents within the selected centres also needs to be done robustly with a random sampling design, following the techniques specifically required for urban vs. rural sampling. Usually in urban centres, we use municipal wards as primary sampling units. Within selected wards, we use starting points such that not more than 5 to 10 interviews are done around one starting point. Right Hand Rule is the walk path used to walk within a starting point to rule out impact of interviewer convenience. In rural centres given that the affluence levels always is centred, the interviewer is given a walk path resembling concentric circles so that all strata’s are represented adequately.  

To comprehensively represent the entire general public, opinion polling would require large sample sizes and capability to handle the associated logistics.

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