With increasing interest of various organizations involved in social development to assess their performance, this is a growing sector in market research.

Social research requires a different mindset to be able to understand the ground realities and limitations that one has to keep in mind with the demographic profile of respondents one deals with. Added to this, social research requires proficiency in handling large scale on-ground logistics. Varied respondent profiles require the team working on such studies to be able to adapt to different conditions. Social research requires flexibility in approach and customized survey designs which are often complex in nature. Usually, these researches are large in nature and often spread across the geography of the country that go deep into the interiors of rural India. Handling projects of this order requires the capability to mobilize multiple field teams simultaneously with different language skills and to be able to interact with respondents in their language. AZ Research Partners has capability to mobilize hundreds of interviewers simultaneously covering the length and breadth of the country in myriad of languages as required.

Apart from logistics of handling the actual on ground fieldwork, handling data preparation and analysis for these projects also needs expertise which comes from experience of having handled multiple such projects.   

The multi-disciplinary team of AZ Research Partners has experience of handling social researches for many government and non-government organizations. a  Listed below are some verticals handled by AZ Research Partners in the social genre.

  •         Health – women, adolescents, child care

  •         Nutrition – child, pregnant women, adolescents

  •         Family planning

  •         Education

  •         AIDS

  •         Social marketing / consumer awareness program assessment

  •         Environmental studies

  •         Agriculture related studies

  •         Sanitation and hygiene

  •         Mapping of districts / states on health parameters


As is obvious researches in the social genre necessitates interviewing all types of individuals like end customers, retailers, pharmacists, influencers like social workers, Gram Pradhan etc.



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