In the vertical of Consultancy services, AZ Research offers to hold workshops for the marketing teams in the space of marketing and branding. We have expertise in holding workshops of two specific types, details of which are given herewith:-


Research & Training workshops


We conduct specialized workshops for brand and marketing executives in which we expose them to new research techniques and how can they be used to take their brand forward. In these conferences, executives are exposed to full gamut of research techniques which are relevant in the context of their category and portfolio. However, we keep a specific focus on new, innovative techniques, in terms of research methodology or data analysis or newer applications of existing tools.


These workshops are planned over two days. Approximately 10 to 20 executives can attend one conference. These workshops are handled by senior people in research and marketing streams. After exposure to the theoretical background to research tools & techniques, we primarily use case study methodology to exhibit usage of tools and techniques in real life.


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Brand Focus workshops


Brand focus workshops are done for discussing brand identity and strategising routes of taking the brand towards desired identity. In these workshops, all stakeholders for the brand participate. These include the brand marketing team, the advertising agency working on the brand, representation of key people from the sales team, senior marketing personnel etc. The workshop is moderated by senior researchers from AZ Research Partners.



There are 3 key deliverables for these workshops:

        Developing the current existing Brand Identity for the brand (as derived from past research & consumer data informally collected by the teams)

        Arriving upon desired Brand Identity for the brand

        Route for taking the Brand  Identity from the current position to the desired position


These workshops are done over one full day. The day is broken into 3 sessions for each objective listed above.


This workshop helps in freezing upon the Blue Print for the brand and the desired route for the brand.


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