Partnering with businesses for all information and insight mining
Partnering with businesses for all information and insight mining

Data analytics allows brands to understand their customers like never before. Today, while the world is flooded with data collected with or without active intent, there are significant data challenges facing us.  These data​ challenges often ​impede ​meaningful​ insights deduction for brands. 

AZ Research working with clients for over 2 decades in the process of collecting meaningful data, ensuring data integrity in collection and analysis process and in insight mining.


AZ Research PPL was launched as a full service research agency by Sujay Misra in 2002 in his quest to provide world class insight mining services from an Indian perspective.

Since then, we have been enabling our clients in building value through superior business insights. We work with corporates, educational institutions, healthcare institutions and non profit organisations.


Quantitative research

Using structured questionnaires on online links. With live data collection, cleaning, structuring and analytics processes. 

Qualitative research

 Expert moderation, speech analytics, AI / ML driven text analytics to ensure a quick turnaround without any data loss

Expert research

Research with experts like doctors, engineers etc using hybrid instruments, moderators who are experts on the subject, using techniques like Delphi to ensure full knowledge transference


Shubhra Misra

Managing Director

Manishi Sanwal


Rishi Mohan


Prabhakar Pillai



Manager -IT and Infrastructure

Tapan Dasgupta

General Manager, Field Operations

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