AZR works with different types of target audiences across metros, mini metros, small towns and rural
-Housewives / CWEs, Children/Teenagers, Cats & dogs and Experts like doctors, engineers, accountants etc

Quantitative research

Using structured questionnaires on online links. With live data collection, cleaning, structuring and analytics processes. 

Expert research

Research with experts like doctors, engineers etc using hybrid instruments, moderators who are experts on the subject, using techniques like Delphi to ensure full knowledge transference

Shopper research

Observations and on shopfloor interactions or post exit interactions to understand, record and analyse shopping basket and other attitudes and behaviour

Qualitative research

Expert moderation, speech analytics, AI / ML driven text analytics to ensure a quick turnaround without any data loss

Pet research

Researching pets like cats, dogs, fish etc for their food products, toys etc using specially developed techniques


Expose target audience to stimuli in test scenario, either in central location or their homes to assess feedback. This could be for food products, shelf simulations, auto / durables models

In terms of data collection methodologies, AZR works across
  • F2F interviews
  • Telephonic interviews
  • Online self filling link
  • F2F FGDs / Mini FGDs
  • Online FGDs
  • Home placements / feedback collection
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