AZ Research Partners – Partnering with businesses for all information and insight mining!

AZ Research PPL was launched as a full service research agency by Sujay Misra in 2002 in his quest to provide world class insight mining services from an Indian perspective. Since then, we have been enabling our clients in building value through superior business insights.

We work with corporates, educational institutions, healthcare institutions and non profit organisations. Our differentiators are flexibility in approach (ranging from traditional research methodologies to completely unconventional methodologies), fastest turnaround time, sharp & insightful data analysis.

At AZR, we use latest AI & ML tool for analytics and balance this with conventional tools and techniques to ensure data integrity at all stages. It is critical to ensure that data collection and structuring process is pristine so that the data collected is not contaminated with unwarranted noise. Having ensured data hygiene, we use the latest analytics tools to ensure we do not miss out the gems of insights hidden in the raw data !

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